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Welcome back . . .

Chronological Update(s) :

New Perfume & Custom Charm series in the works ( soon I hope, the first batch literally smelled like toilet water on baby wipes HAHAHAHAHA . . . but the template for the charm is complete ) :


                   by DeAnna


presently :

One Model Place Member


Model Mayhem Member


March 2012

image Cosmetics Jessica Rich's ( RITCH B*TCH ) Contestant


October 2011

Bravo TV's The Kandi Project casting call ( superstar )

September 2011

KISS 99.5 FM Contestant for Miller Lite & NFL's Dallas Cowboys "Hottest Cowboys Fan" contest for the Lisle & Hahn Morning Show

Contestestant ( 2011 > present ) :  Vote throughout the year by clicking below ; thanks!!!

Beauty Pageant - 'In Search of the World's Most Beautiful Woman'®
The World's First International Online Beauty Pageant
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March 2011

MORE Magazine's Beauty over 35 contest contestant . . . @


December 2010

I was cast as a new MMA cage fighter "Harley" for an up coming television series . . . Yah!!!  We shoot the pilot mid January 2011 ( check back for updates from your new Queen of the Ring & Queen of the Cage ) . . . let's hope a station picks it up ; fingers crossed!


May 2010

Crush Girl's el Grado Tequila contestant ( model )



November 2009

TVLand's She's Got the Look contacted me for this season . . . I guess I'll try again next year?

May 2009

ABC's Shark Tank contacted me for an invention . . . the application didn't make it past casting.  What a neat show, though. 

For more information about those & my other listing(s), you can check here -

International Models ONLINE = DeAnna

InventBay Inventor = DeAnna ( HOLW )

enter keyword : holiday

InventBay Inventor = DeAnna ( slipons )


enter keywod : slip-ons

& YouTube = DeAnna's Slip-ons invention / health|beauty|sport|fashion

Invited annually to tryout ( current 2011 ) for the dance team . . . practice, practice, practice!  & Go Spurs Go ! ! ! ! ! Customer ID = DeAnna

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The toolbar atop, allows you to navigate your way around the site. Click on the option(s) that suits your needs and take it from there. The poll for your favorite art is no longer available - apologies to those whom did not get to vote.  Thanks for the feedback . . . you may still submit your suggestions via the eMail link below.  The winner was Photography with a 4-way tie for second ; her were the top choices :

 3-D pencil/leads drawing/sketch paintig
 watercolor metal ceramic fabric
 wearable sewables
 wood charcoals plastic/flexibles
 clays & sculpture
 hats collages photography
 centerpieces caricature still jewelry

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Art Supplies

I use the most effective materials and supplies together for best results. A variety of mediums keeps the originality of my work at its highest. There is always the section of links you can check into - for more information.
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